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AIP Green Smoothie Recipe

AIP Green Smoothie Recipe
When you are living on a strict AIP diet there will be a lot of times where you lack the motivation, or energy, to cook food for yourself. When you eat an explicitly healthy diet like with AIP one of the things that you will notice is that you need to eat a lot more often then you used to. You will need to eat smaller meals, more often, with more "snacks" when living strict AIP as many of the foods you will be eating are very low in actual calories - like mixed greens and salads for example.

There is a finite amount of chewing that I can do in a day. Since I try to eat one, if not two, large green salads every day you can certainly start to feel like a cow chewing cud after a while. This is the reason that I like to go with healthy green smoothies once or twice a day. It is one of the fastest AIP friendly foods to prepare, as well as being one of the fastest to eat so if you are starving and need food, like right now, then a smoothie is a great go-to item. It is also very versatile as you can use just about any fruit or vegetable combination based on what you have on hand.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you should be using the absolute minimum amount of fruit in order to make the smoothy taste like something you want to drink. Also do not forget the turmeric which is one of the worlds most anti-inflammatory foods and something that anyone with MCTD or autoimmune disease should research to see if it can benefit you.

AIP green smoothie
Prep time
5 minutes

Cooking time
1 minute

Recipe yield
1 serving

Ingredients needed
1 ripe banana (frozen bananas are excellent)
1 knob turmeric
1 large handful of spinach
1/2 apple or pear
500ml (2 cups) water
1 handful red cabbage (optional)
1 handful kale (optional)
1 kiwi (optional)
1 small handful berries (optional)