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Steps To Better Help With AIP

hard to eat strictly healthy food
It is hard to eat strictly AIP
Learning to eat AIP was a huge eye opening experience for me. Even still those words are not powerful enough. It would literally take me being seriously ill to follow a diet as strict as AIP, and fortunately (unfortunately), that is exactly where I am at. If anything I am excited to not eat so many foods. I already know that gluten makes me much worse, so I embrace the opportunity to eliminate more things that might be contributing to this poor state of being. Fortunately, and I mean fortunately, I am well versed in the kitchen. I love cooking. Cooking is like art for me. If you are one of "those people" who can't cook toast without burning it...I genuinely hope you do not get MCTD.

You must become a master of your kitchen
I prepare and cook every last piece of food that I put into my body. If you don't know how to cook, or cooking looks a lot like melting cheese on nachos, then you are going to have a problem with the AIP diet. You will need to change everything you know, and everything you think you know, about cooking. It really just comes down to how much you want to feel better. At least you don't have to make things up as you go along. I am not sure I would have ever thought to stop eating all of the things on the paleo AIP diet. With so many staple foods excluded, if you are not really a great cook, how are you supposed to cook great food with so many restrictions on the ingredients that you can use?

What to do if you don't like AIP food?
I thought this was going to be a problem for me. I love food. I have so many "favorite foods" that are strictly out on the AIP diet. I completely understand the mentality of a person that just wants to eat what they want. You want to feel full. You want to feel satiated, and you find comfort both emotionally and physically in the foods you want to eat. I get it. Now you need to get me...do you want to feel better? If no, eat whatever the hell you want. When you are like me, and even the prospect at having some relief is on the table, you will do, and eat, whatever you need to in order to feel better. When you are hungry enough AIP food is going to taste delicious - trust me.

Learning to cook AIP friendly
Cooking AIP takes a lot of time compared to what you are probably used to. It also probably costs a lot more money than you are used to. Also, it will not include all the tasty, wonderful, comforting things that you are used to eating. The sooner you understand this, the better. You will be able to eat other delicious things...just not those old things that you are used to. At least not for now. With any luck, most if not all of the foods you used to eat will be able to be introduced. But if even one of those things is contributing to you feeling sick then this is the way that you find them.

Cook for me baby
It takes a long time to cook AIP. It also takes a lot of experimentation, failure, and mediocre food as well...at least in the beginning. This website, and the recipes contained within it, are written to help you fast track your way to success. I have also written this website so that you can help support people that you know with MCTD or other autoimmune diseases by supporting them in eating well. As someone who feels sick more days than not, deals with chronic fatigue, and struggles with constant pain and threat of severe complications from an incurable disease...a hot meal cooked for me is greatly appreciated.

Even close friends and family struggle to understand what is safe to eat on the AIP diet, and as a result the onus of cooking always falls on my shoulders. Even on the days when I really don't feel up to it. Using the recipes on this website, and a very careful dedication to avoiding cross contamination of any kind, you can help. Even just in reading this story you have helped. If you ever meet a person with MCTD watch the surprise on their face when you inform them that you have heard of it. Even more so when you inform them that you would be ready, willing, and able to cook for them. There is merit in the potential that changing what you eat might actually be able to help you feel better. There is always hope for a cure one day, but you have complete control over what you put in your body today, and that might be more important than you realize!

Thank you for reading my story.

Steve Goodale

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About the author - Steve Goodale is a blogger and technical specialist from Ontario Canada, winner of the 2018 Industry Leadership Award, who reaches over three million readers per year with his popular pool and spa blog. Steve started the www.CookForMeBaby.com blog about healthy eating after being diagnosed with a rare and incurable autoimmune disease. You can read more on his story about life with MCTD here. For more healthy cooking inspiration check out his other delicious recipes.