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AIP Turkey Leftovers Shepherd's Pie

AIP Turkey Shepherd's Pie
The single best thing that I have eaten that was completely AIP safe was this recipe for Holiday Turkey Dinner leftovers. The familiar feel of shepherd's pie utilizing whatever you have leftover from a big holiday turkey dinner the night before. If you have tons of leftover food then this meal will come together really fast...but even if you are making some mashed sweet potatoes from scratch this will be a huge hit with everyone with a minimum amount of effort required to get it to the table. Making three trays takes only a few minutes longer than making one and they even freeze pretty well if you are trying to figure out what to do with a million pounds of leftover turkey, gravy and veggies.

For sure the star of this dish is the tangy cranberries that cut through the heavy, salty and savory flavors of a turkey dinner. I was never a big cranberry eater with a turkey dinner...hardly at all really, but do not dream of skipping them. They are the magic that made this tray of shepherd's pie disappear way faster than originally expected. In fact this was so good, the very next day I was asked to make it again! I doubled the cranberries to positive result the second time around as well and if you like cranberries to begin with then feel free to go to town with them as you see fit.

* Don't cut up the turkey meat. For some reason it is just better when they are hand torn chunks instead of cubes and chunks with straight edges. Someone told me that once about chicken (and turkey) and it is totally true. The natural, jagged edges, just are more appetizing in dishes than something that looks machine processed. I think the jagged edges also allow more moisture into the meat and more surface for gravy to cling to.

turkey leftover recipe
Prep time
15 minutes

Cooking time
45 minutes

Recipe yield
4 to 6 servings

Ingredients needed
3 cups cooked turkey (hand separated)
3 sweet potatoes (or 3 cups of mashed sweet potatoes)
1/2 broccoli crown
1/2 cauliflower crown
1 cup AIP turkey gravy
1/2 cup fresh cranberries
2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon coconut oil